Hammertree Anvil

Masterwork Craighammer

weapon (melee)

DM Notes: This weapon is treated as the Aegis Fang weapon for game purposes, with the following special rules. The rules apply as long as the DM sees fit, based on PC roleplaying.

1. The weight is increased to 18 lbs, but in the hands of a Firstborn of Moradin, it weighs but 3 lbs.

2. The weapon retains the Brutal 2 property, but the base damage is increased to 2d6, giving a damage range of 6-12 per [W].

3. In the hands of a true Hammertree, this weapon uses STR or WIS for it’s heavy thrown property, whichever is higher. (Your ranged basic is +26 to hit and +15 to damage based on the current difference… you will have to add that manually)


While residing in the dark realm over the years, Moradin spoke to Thorin in his deepest dreams. “Go forth and create a weapon of vegence for those who destroy the creation of life, for those who would try to extinguish the eternal flames of the forge!” The dreams also gave images of particular mountains and secretive locations where the rarest of ores could be mined. Both flawless mithril and adamentine were mined and used along with great prayers to forge this craghammer. Moradin himself reached out and merely touched the handle giving it properties unique to the Hammertree clan as a boon for his satisfaction of the work. Thorin vowed to use no other weapon besides his symbol to demolish those who would defile the will of Moradin!

Hammertree Anvil

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